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Byline: Anna Wolfe
May was National Barbecue Month. In case you missed the opportunity to market grilling tools, accessories as well as sauces and spice rubs, worry not. We have some more months of summer (hopefully) then soccer and season that is tailgating. According to a recent Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) survey, almost 90 percent of people are planning on enjoying best grills under 500 food in their particular yard throughout the warmer months.
As people entertain more at home, an outdoor barbecue is an easy and affordable way to gather family and friends. And undoubtedly, it is a great way to cook a fast, healthier dinner.
Even year that is last when most consumers were pinching pennies, shipments of grills and smokers topped 15 million. Now, a walloping 82 percent of North American households own a grill and/or a smoker. So, it’s not surprising that grilling is not just for summer anymore. Even in the coldest of climes, when dining al fresco is not an option, grilling is a year-round way to prepare food in a fast, flavorful and efficient manner. (The easy cleanup and the absence of that cooked fish smell that lingers on for days are two major pluses for me.) Fifty-six percent of grill owners use their grills year-round, according to the HPBA. What this means to your bottom line: there’s plenty of possibility to promote grilling tools, add-ons, spices and sauces, cookbooks, and cooking classes year-round.
Here are some products that are new caught our eye:

New Products
Picnic Time’s X-Grill
A number of organizations have introduced portable grills this year. This one combines design that is sleek portability. Picnic Time’s X-Grill is a folding, portable charcoal BBQ grill. Compact and simple to put together, the X-Grill offers a grilling surface of 203.5 square inches. The X-Grill includes one electroplated iron barbecue grill, one chrome-plated cooking that is tri-fold that measures 18.5 ins by 11 inches and something charcoal grate. All store conveniently in the grill that is folded. A durable 600 denier polyester tote that is carrying included. Suggested retail is $49.95. To learn more, contact Picnic Time at 805-529-7400 or visit
Fire Wire Urban Accents Marinating Kit
Cross-promotional opportunities abound between hard products and specialty food organizations. The grilling area isn’t any exclusion. Even if you don’t sell grills, you can showcase tools, sauces, spices, and serveware together to create a compelling display… This product would be an addition that is appropriate. Fire Wire [R] and Urban Accents[R], the Chicago-based specialty food company known for its spice blends, have teamed up to introduce the Fire Wire[R] Skewer Marinating Kit. This kit includes all-natural seasonings and a marinating bag that is heavy-duty. To marinate, just add the seasoning packet, 4 teaspoons of coconut oil or over to 2 pounds of meat and vegetables on Fire Wire[R] in the heavy-duty marinating bag. Shake to distribute and allow to sit for 20 minutes before grilling. Suggested retail price is $4.99. Needless to say, the spices are perfect to use with Fire Wire, the stainless steel, flexible skewers that won the 2009 Gourmet Golds Award at the Gourmet Housewares Show. They have a suggested retail price of $14.95 for 2. To find out more, contact 620-229-9800 or visit
Lodge Manufacturing Panini Press
A grill pan and Panini press are great additions to any kitchen – even for grilling die-hards who grill year-round. Lodge production introduced its Panini Press back during the International Home + Housewares Show in March. Combine it with a Lodge Grill Pan – either through the Lodge Color, Porcelain Enamel on Cast Iron type of cookware, or the Lodge Logic, the company’s pre-seasoned line – to whip up an ideal grilled cheese sandwich. The Lodge Color grill pan has a suggested retail price of $69.95, plus $32.95 for the Panini Press. Both pieces are available in four gradated colors: Island Spice (red), Cafe (brown), Caribbean (blue) and Emerald (green). Lodge Logic Grill Pan has a suggested shopping of $30.95 and the Panini Press has a suggested retail of $26.50. To learn more, contact 423-837-7181 or visit

BODUM FYRKAT Charcoal Picnic Grill
Leave it to BODUM to mix function and design to create striking grilling accessories. Take one of BODUM USA’s newest items – the FYRKAT Charcoal Picnic Grill – which features a shape that is streamlined easy portability. Its 13.4-inch diameter is good for grilling whole fish, or whatever your stomach desires. Made of enamel-coated steel with chrome-plated steel legs and a heat-resistant silicone handle, the FYRKAT Grill is available in Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, White and Ebony. Suggested retail price is $49.95.
Made of stainless steel with heat-resistant, colored silicone handles, the FYRKAT Grill Tools would be the important utensils for just about any grill master. Made to perfectly complement the FYRKAT Charcoal Picnic Grill, the tools include tongs, a grill fork, a turner, a basting brush and a grill brush. Available colors include Ebony, Green, White, Orange, Blue and Yellow. Suggested price that is retail $19.95 each.
BODUM’s BISTRO Sauce Pot features a borosilicate glass container by which users will make and store BBQ sauces, marinades and glazes. A silicone basting brush is incorporated in to the pot’s fitted lid, permitting users to neatly access the sauce combination and directly clean the coating onto meats or veggies before or during grilling. Ideal for that recipe that is top-secret. Available in the same coordinating colors whilst the FYRKAT Grill. Recommended price that is retail $19.95. To find out more, contact BODUM USA at 877-992-6386 or go to
Chef’n Grill’n Collection
Seattle-based Chef’n Corporation is another one of these design-meets-function that is innovative that has a new range of grilling tools. The Chef’n Grill’n Collection features high-quality barbecue tools infused with a Chef’n twist. Metal working ends, elongated wooden handles and silicone hanging loops provide added functionality and present the various tools a sleek, attractive appearance.
Chef’n introduces the Grill’n Barbecue Branch Skewer. Designed to hold twice the quantity of meals as a skewer that is regular the Branch Skewer is perfect for cooking kebabs, sausages, vegetables and more. Simply lay the Branch Skewer flat on the grill and rotate using the handle that is elongated evenly cook meals. Maybe not suitable for usage over an campfire that is open. Hand-wash recommended. Suggested price that is retail $11.99.
Grill’n Barbecue Grinder, Grill’n Barbecue Tongs and Grill’n Barbecue Sifter are also available. To learn more, contact Chef’n at 206-470-4008 or visit
How come Grilling Hot?
Based on HPBA’s 2010 National Barbecue Month poll, Americans state the most truly effective pay-offs of grilling vs. consuming out or oven-cooked meals include:
More flavorful meals (81 percent)
Cheap compared to eating at restaurants (76 per cent)
Easier cleaning (67 percent)
Healthier (64 percent)
Less time that is cooking53 percent)
Supply: Hearth Patio & Barbecue Association
Study: Most Americans Grill it Up With Sauces
Taste preferences and grilling designs are since diverse as Americans themselves, according to HPBA’s 2010 National Barbecue poll month. The poll that is nationwide America’s grilling profile and consumer flavor choices:
65 per cent of People in america want to “dress it” with a sauce, marinade or seasoning, while 21 % prefer grilled food au naturel
42 per cent of men choose a spicy sauce on their meats that are grilled 31 % of females
When it comes to grill-side manner, 29 percent of adults report that they are “all about the meat” or “all natural” (24 percent), followed by “spicy or saucy” (19 percent), adventurous (16 percent) and timid (6 percent)
66 per cent of consumers report they use ketchup usually, with mustard trailing behind with 62 per cent of the votes
66 per cent want cheese on their grilled meats
74 percent of Us americans add lettuce, onion and/or tomato
80 % of women lean toward the vegetables more than men (68 percent)
70 percent of adults state they are all about the buns, and choose a bun that is traditional complete their grilled sandwiches
Source: Hearth Patio & Barbecue Association