Test Day Instructions for NTS

If you have NTS test in coming days and you have prepared for the test and now you are looking for test day instructions then you are at the right place. You want to pass the NTS test in order to get the NTS jobs. Here we are sharing test day instructions for NTS you should know. These instructions will also be announced by invigilator on the test day.


Invigilator will take attendance you have to be on time to take the attendance. If you are late you are not allowed to take the test. Candidates should have roll-no slips provided by NTS. You have to show the roll-no slip at the entrance of test center. Without roll-no slip no candidate is allowed to take the test.

There will be a seal on question paper do not break it until the exam starts. Leaving the seat is not allowed until you have the valid reason like going to washroom etc. No calculators or wrist watch and mobile phones are allowed in the center. After the test time is finished no candidate is allowed to leave until the test papers are collected back.

Marking two answers in the sheet is consider as wrong. If you fill the two answers for one question it will be marked as zero. You can only use blue or black ball pen for filling the answers. You are not allowed to fill any personal information in the sheet. For rough work there will be extra papers inside the answer sheets. NTS supervisor has full authority to cancel the candidate paper if any disturbance is created by candidate. Question paper will be shuffled in five sequence. You are only allowed to use the material provided by NTS using any other material is not allowed. You are bond to follow the NTS rules until you are in test center boundaries.