Free Estimates & Customer Satisfactions

What our customers need is to get satisfied i.e. we should make sure that their needs are fulfilled at the first priority. What we do is to give them free estimates of their plumbing problems and we at M & R Plumbing services do this. Whenever they give us a call our professionally trained personnel who have around 3 decades of experience under their belt got ready and move towards, the clients’ house, building or any other commercial structure. When reached there and first of all we inspect the place with the help of our gadgets which shows us the insides of a pipe on a video. By this, we assess the problem and after that, we make a detailed report of the sort of problem there is and also mention the solutions and the prices of solutions. And if the customer gives us a green light to work then we would use any means to get rid of the blockage no matter what. If we have to use the heavy machinery i.e. powerful hydro-jet or the traditional means i.e. sewer-snake system we will use it. Whichever means is necessary we’ll do it because our goal is that our customers should remain satisfied with us no matter what.

We do work on toilet drains, city sewer-lines, kitchen drains, etc. and we do it in such a way that your daily routine doesn’t get disturbed at all and also when we finish then we clean after ourselves so there is a plus point here. We are open 6 days a week and we work on Saturdays too besides all of this our emergency service is available 24/7 to you so you can call us, talk to us ask us for help, you can do these things easily through our emergency helpline number.

Our work is basically based on the 2 goals i.e. replacement and repair. When we inspect the place after that we assess the situation, the problem. We try to find the solution to the problem i.e. either it needs replacement or repairing. If the damage is pertinent then we would recommend repairing it like the leaks in the toilet which can be adjusted by adjusting the faucet and the cartridges, but sometimes the situation is worse the part has lived through its life and can no longer serve, so what needs to be done is to replace it with a new so that system can work smoothly and frequently.

Surprise Package

Remember we won’t be giving you any kind of surprise here; the customer knows everything that is happening and he won’t be worried that we’ll do anything that is against his will. The clients sign a contract before we start to do work on the place and if we hide something or something etc. appears or something is damaged in the process then we’ll be solely responsible for it. We won’t charge a dime extra from that what we have told him in our free estimate analysis before.

Test Day Instructions for NTS

If you have NTS test in coming days and you have prepared for the test and now you are looking for test day instructions then you are at the right place. You want to pass the NTS test in order to get the NTS jobs. Here we are sharing test day instructions for NTS you should know. These instructions will also be announced by invigilator on the test day.


Invigilator will take attendance you have to be on time to take the attendance. If you are late you are not allowed to take the test. Candidates should have roll-no slips provided by NTS. You have to show the roll-no slip at the entrance of test center. Without roll-no slip no candidate is allowed to take the test.

There will be a seal on question paper do not break it until the exam starts. Leaving the seat is not allowed until you have the valid reason like going to washroom etc. No calculators or wrist watch and mobile phones are allowed in the center. After the test time is finished no candidate is allowed to leave until the test papers are collected back.

Marking two answers in the sheet is consider as wrong. If you fill the two answers for one question it will be marked as zero. You can only use blue or black ball pen for filling the answers. You are not allowed to fill any personal information in the sheet. For rough work there will be extra papers inside the answer sheets. NTS supervisor has full authority to cancel the candidate paper if any disturbance is created by candidate. Question paper will be shuffled in five sequence. You are only allowed to use the material provided by NTS using any other material is not allowed. You are bond to follow the NTS rules until you are in test center boundaries.

John Mcqeen’s Guide on Best Cash Back Business Credit Cards

So you are here to know which are the best cashback credit cards, aren’t you? Well, I would say that you are in the right place. My name is John Mcqeen and I am an individual financial expert and advisor. I am working in banking and finance for a long time.

So here in this guide, I am going to reveal some of the best business credit cards for cashback. So stay with me so I can guide you on which credit card is best for you.

Why Choose Best Cash Back Business Credit Card?

You might be wondering why a business credit card is good for cashback? Well if you are a business or entrepreneur then you must be already aware of the benefits of business credit cards.

As a business pro, most people don’t want to waste their money even when they are buying things they need to buy. For example, they want to get a cashback when they are filling their vehicle’s fuel tanks, dining in restaurants or booking travel tickets.

So they want to get a reward for each cent they spend. And this is not a bad thing at all if some of the credit card companies are offering it.

Are the Business Credit Cards giving decent Cashback?

Well, that’s why you are here and of course, some of them are rewarding their customers with a decent amount of cashback.

Some of the business credit card companies are offering initial bonuses of hundreds of dollars. So you can imagine the benefits of having a business credit card.

Not only that, but you will also get a signup bonus which can be continued for up to the first three months.

So as far as the concern of cashback from business credit cards then yes, it is worthy.

What are the top Best Cashback Business Credit Cards?

So now let’s talk about the best cash back business credit cards and see what they are offering to their customers.

We will discuss each business credit card with some of its details. We will also guide you to make a decision on which business credit card is best for you.

List of Best Cashback Business Credit Cards

  1. American Express Blue Business Cash Credit Card
  2. Capital One Spark Cash Card for Business
  3. American Express Plum Card
  4. Discover it Business Card
  5. Ink Business Cash Credit Card

1- American Express Blue Business Cash Credit Card – Best Business Cashback Card

On top of our list, we have a very famous company who is serving us since 1850. It was an express mail business company at that time. Although later on, they started to work as a financial company.

The most escalate benefit of this card is that it has no annual fee at all. This card is best for all types of businessmen. You will get a decent cashback on each spending as well.

  • No annual fee
  • Spend $50,000 each year and you will get a reward of cash back up to 2%, and 1% on all the other things
  • High Overspending limit
  • 0% APR rate

These are some of the major perks while having an American Express business credit card.

2- Capital One Spark Cash Card for Business

Capitol one is another great business credit card which is offering a decent cashback to its customers.

Here are some of the major perks

  • Get 2% cashback on all the purchases
  • Get $500 as an initial bonus when you spent $4500 in the first three months
  • Only $95 annual fee
  • Average APR ratio is 18.49
  • No expiry date for cashback rewards
  • Redeem cashback instantly with no minimum limit

3- American Express Plum Card

Here American Express comes again on our best cash back business credit cards list. This is the American express plum card and it is for small business holders. It is also offering some interesting and worthy rewards or cashback.

Let’s check it out now

  • Pay your debt in 60 days and without any interest
  • Use your card anywhere in the world without any foreign transaction fee
  • Get a 1.5% discount on early payment of your credit card bill
  • $0 annual fee for the first year then $250 annually

4- Discover it Business Card

If you are running a big business and your spending is big then the Discover it, Business Card, what you need.

Because it is offering good discounts and cashback rewards on high spending.

  • Get 1.5% straight cashback on all purchases
  • 2x cashback on all purchases for the first year
  • 100% satisfied customer service

5- Ink Business Cash Credit Card

It’s the best business cashback credit card for intermediate business runners. You will get cashback on moderate business spending.

  • Get a welcome or signup bonus
  • Free from any employee card’s fee
  • High cashback ratio on different categories

Final Thoughts

As a matter of fact, you cannot run a business smoothly until you have the best cashback business credit cards. And we are here discussed most of the business credit cards that will suffice for you if you are running a moderate to high-level business.

So let me know which business card is suited to you.