Park View City Islamabad: The best Real Estate Event of the year for agents

Last weekend, one of the most important real estate events of the year took place in Islamabad: Park View City Islamabad, next to the  Margalla Hills, about which we talked earlier in our real estate blog .

Immocionate: All were one

Immociónate, organized by the CRS (Council of Residential Specialists) has had in its fifth edition the best professionals in Spain and the United States, and not only among its speakers, but also as assistants to the event. Some of them left Immociónate with recognition of their work included, as our admired Sergi Vergé.

But this year, and judging by the comments of influential professionals in the sector, it was especially memorable.

They could not miss the largest in the sector. Experts such as Carlos Rentalo , Nello D’Angelo, Leonardo Cromstedt or Vicente Beltrán stood out with their presentations, all aimed at extolling the motto of this year’s show “We are one”.

In @periscopeco on Twitter you can find the full presentation of Nello D’Angelo, a faithful advocate of real estate Pakistan.

In Inmogesco we have been fortunate to interview most of them separately, and we have had their professional opinion about their different specialties within the real estate sector. And we still have more surprises for future deliveries.

The influx to the event was massive. Rooms full of professionals eager to share their impressions about the market and socialize with colleagues in the profession, as they showed some of the images published by attendees on Twitter, under the hashtag # Inmocionate15

Among the most prominent phrases of the event, we are left with those that summarize the general feeling that prevails in the sector:

  • “Entrepreneur is someone who transmits energy and enthusiasm for a dream” (Jesús Alcoba)
  • “The important thing is to move forward, continue and continue once more as Shackleton did. There is no effort without error or failure ”(Jesús Alcoba). This was one of the most applauded presentations of the event.
  • “We are one but we are different. With union and difference, we are able to adapt to change ”Susana Burgo.
  • “Our client is an advanced digital consumer” ( This is a tweet that left us especially thoughtful. Hence the importance that in the blog we give to our real estate marketingsection .
  • “The Spanish market is between 2 and 3 years behind the American” (Verónica Seva). Here we would love to know your opinion. Leave it below in the comments!
  • “When someone buys a house, they don’t look for a physical space, they look for something much better” @LukkapXperience
  • “The best tool of a real estate agent is himself” (Sergi Vergé at @carbasses)
  • “Today’s challenge is to be a real estate agent of reference” (CRS)
  • “When a real estate agent closes the operation, it is closing a dream of life. It is a moment that we must celebrate with the client ”(CRS)

And of course in Inmociónate could not miss the marketing awards for real estate , which this year have also been very close. Among the 6 finalists (all with successful and original marketing campaigns), Habitat Inmobiliaria was awarded thanks to its local real estate portal Sky Marketing, Atalaya Financiera, for its geolocalized approach to the local and, as first prize, the real estate marketing project

Social networks for real estate: How to write publications

Do you know how to write in social networks for real estate? If you drive them, you will surely have found some of the myths related to writing that circulate daily. Today we want to break down these myths to give way to good practices that will attract the right attention.

How to write social media posts for real estate Pakistan: 5 false myths that don’t work

1. Ask for RT or share to get more broadcast

Lie! It is a trick inherited from the early days of the internet, when users clicked on everything that moved.

20 years later, Internet users are scarce and do not want to waste time on banners and advertisements. They are distrustful and we must count on that circumstance to attract them to our brand.

Skymarketing advice : Trust the quality and offer answers to real concerns of your customers. If your only rule is to offer useful information, the audience will disseminate your content without requiring it.

2.Use capital letters when you want to accentuate a message

False again. By an unwritten rule, when we apply capital letters to a text, our brain associates it with important information.

Let’s do the test. What part of the phrase “Look for an ELEPHANT on the first floor” do you find most relevant?

The capital letters help to highlight the highlights, which in some cases is very useful. However, abusing this custom will not help you get the attention of a qualified audience, due to the abuse of this practice in social networks.

3.Use magic words

It is not always true, as evidenced by the numerous tests that weekly applications like WhichTestWon perform. Yes it is true that there are text writing tricks for real estate social networks in this regard. The possessives are one of them, like me, you or ours.

However, other words contained in that supposed list of magic words, such as FREE, will not open any door for you.

Our recommendation as experts in real estate marketing is that you ignore this list and focus on offering useful information. This does not mean that you ignore other good practices such as questioning the audience and dealing with you.

4.Use the questions

It has rained a lot since BMW broke the rule that a slogan cannot contain a question with its “Do you like driving?” For years, the norm overthrown by the legendary publicist Tony Segarra has had hundreds of followers.

So many, that in recent times it is easy to find many brands (among them, many real estate) that turn to the questions to get the attention of the readers.

We do not oppose the questions, of course, but they do not always work. If you consider using them, follow these rules:

    • Make sure you know the answer in advance. You risk the audience answering something you don’t want.
    • Better if the question is closed. Do not leave the possible answer open or it may end in disaster

Answer the question in the same text. As you will see in the example that accompanies these lines, it is better that the answer is included in the text. So the user does not have to think more than necessary and fulfill the mission of linking to the text you are promoting on social networks.

5.Use the numbers

Like the previous norm, it can be very useful as a norm to write original articles.

But it is not infallible, like almost everything in the world of social networks for real estate. Its benefits are numerous, because they specify the information in the reader’s mind (“ The 3 sales techniques that we must recover from University Town Islamabad location ”) and help digest the brand’s message.

The Little Intelligent Real Estate Sellers

The Best Sales Arguments, Take Preparation Hours.

The real estate sellers unintelligent use sales pitches that do not convince anyone, because they are arguments improvised. They believe that the experience and their natural intelligence are enough to convince the client that the property he shows is what he / she needs.

And let’s not talk about recruitment. Unintelligent real estate sellers focus on attracting without thinking that the owner should be educated before seizing the property.

In real estate sales if you do not prepare first what you are going to say and how to say it, you will not improve your business. You will continue selling, I have no doubt, but the best opportunities offered by the sector will pass you by.

I agree that improvisation in the sale is necessary, we must cultivate it and use lateral thinking to solve unforeseen and infrequent problems. However; Hence, to take improvisation as a method to close sales and capture properties goes a long way.

In real estate sales nothing worse than improvisation. Not only in the way of arguing the purchase of a property , but in the writing of online advertising, in taking the characteristics of the property, in calling by phone or in recording incoming calls.

Improvisation in real estate agents occurs for 3 reasons : 1.- because you are in too much hurry to sell; 2.- Because adequate training in real estate sales has not been received; and 3.- for comfort. For not wanting to leave the comfort zone.

Real Estate Seller Wake up!

The less intelligent real estate agents want to learn a lot of sales technique and when you tell them that one of them, the most important, is to have a plan for everything that is done, start long faces and convince yourself that planning is not a sales technique

What do you want to learn? Do you want to learn how to put advertising on Facebook, without preparing it first? Do you want to receive more information requests through the portals, but are not willing to learn Real Estate Copywrting?

Do you want to write advertising improvising ? Do you want to argue or negotiate without preparing first? I think you’re watching too much Television Wake up! and stop listening to music in the car while you go to see the customer. Think about how you are going to argue your sale or your acquisition and let yourself be so much music.

Awake! What is that answering by phone the first thing that comes to your mind while you walk down the street? Stand up, listen and answer what you already have prepared for when an unexpected call is received from a potential client. And you put as an excuse the economic situation in the country to not be selling more real estate? Your problem is improvisation . Your problem is your modus operandi.

The real estate agent who is successful today prepares his sales arguments beforehand, because he knows that he must make his real estate investment profitable online and he cannot afford to lose 9 out of 10 clients who request information.

People interested in buying, renting or investing in a property are better informed today and no arguments are lacking. Let’s analyze some of them and see how unintelligent they are.

Real Estate Sellers with Little Sales Arguments.

All the sales arguments that I present here, I have compiled from what my students tell me that they answered their customers. With the previous preparation and the creation of an argument of sale, they have learned to prepare intelligent answers to the comments and questions of their clients.

1.- “My client cannot sell for a lower price than what he bought”. Really? What the client thinks when he hears this phrase is that both the owner and the real estate agent have much to learn. We sell and buy based on the law of supply and demand. If the owner bought expensive or at the wrong time that is your problem.

2.- “My client cannot sell at a price below the mortgage”. Selling a property in Park View City location is impossible below the mortage. This answer is a little more refined than the previous one, but that does not give a convincing reason to buy the property. What does the client think and does not tell you? You tell me! Fix it with the bank and if not, have not bought.

3.- “If my client goes down the price I would be giving it away”. This is an unprofessional argument and is usually said with a little condescending “giggle”. If the real estate agent makes this type of comment to a client who does not mind giving his opinion, he may find himself in an awkward situation. This is the worst phrase you can say to sell a property.

4.- “This apartment belongs to several owners and some of them do not want to go down anymore”. It seems an intelligent argument that exempts the real estate agent from any responsibility. It is like saying that it is expensive, but I have to sell it at this price, because someone does not want to “get off the donkey.”

The client what he really hears is that the property is “CARO”. Now it is clear, since several owners do want to go down, but only 1 that is stubborn, does not want to. How is it possible that some agents are able to say this phrase? I am unable to understand it.

5.- “If my client adds the price of the reform that he put in, he would be selling below the price at which he bought it”. It seems reasonable, but the renovations were made to suit the owner; Not from the potential buyer. The value of the property is given by the buyer; Not the owner or agent. This only puts the price.

Some owners want the improvements they have made to their home to be valued , when these improvements may only consist of an expensive investment, (marble stairs type) , which reflects their tastes and personality. That the real estate agent does not appreciate shows that he is not very intelligent.

Creative Real Estate Sellers.

6.- “My client does not need to sell right away, so I prefer to wait if it is not sold for this price” .  This argument cries out to heaven! And believe me, it uses more than you think. What does the buyer think when he hears such an argument? “You and your client, (you, as they say in Argentina), yes you are ready. They put this price on the property to see if any moron itches. Well, keep looking for that fool, che ”

7.- “This area will be the first in which prices will rise again due to its location”.  Who do you think you are? Mayor? This argument cannot be used to justify the price of a property. The client does not believe these words and the first thing he thinks is that there is nothing behind to support the requested price.

8.- “Prices are stabilizing and will begin to rise soon.” Like the previous argument, the real estate agent is giving a very personal opinion without relying on facts and statistics. Who is going to believe these arguments today? No one.

These are the arguments used by unintelligent real estate sellers and that the meeting is not prepared in advance. It may seem that these arguments are not normally given, but believe me they are less exceptional than they should be.

Real Estate Sellers. The 3 phrases you should avoid.

Let’s now look at 3 very, very frequent arguments that use little intelligent real estate sellers.

1.- “… the owner cost the house …” or “… it cost him to reform …”  This phrase does not help you to sell at all. The prospective buyer does not care what the owner paid for your home. Nor is he too interested if you have spent on an improvement. This phrase is interpreted by the buyer as “… the price is going to be excessive.”

2.- “I have other people who are interested”  This phrase is not swallowed even if it is true. Better not to use it, because the subliminal message you throw is: “you take it or leave it; I don’t care much if you buy it or not”

3.- “… I can leave it a little cheaper” (or similar phrase). With this phrase the real estate agent play with fire. The buyer interprets this phrase as: “… first you consider if I have a silly face and depending on my face, how I see it, the car I drive, my Rolex,… you lower the price more or less. Well do you know what I tell you? Your home doesn’t interest me. ”

These are some of the sales arguments used by unintelligent real estate agents. Try not to be one of them. The time it takes to prepare a sales and collection argument is a time that you will make the most of. This will make you conclude the sale or not.

We would be grateful if you would leave us a comment on this article. Do you know any other type of argument that is used in real estate sales and lacks foundation? We would like you not to tell them. Your opinion interests us. Thanks for


Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City is a housing project situated in the surroundings of Islamabad and Rawalpindi launched by Saad Nazir, the owner of The Blue Group of Companies in the association with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, company from China. The project is placed near all the major landmarks, including the new Islamabad International Airport, Main Rawalpindi City, CPEC Route, University Town, and Zero Point Islamabad. The involvement of Chinese companies in the development of infrastructure makes this housing society a Pak-China Friendly.

Related image


Blue World City has successfully acquired its NOC from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). This step makes the investment in Blue World City a secure one and eliminates the doubts and uncertainties of people who were hesitant to invest in this scheme earlier.

According to the NOC approval letter issued by the RDA is in the light of public interest. Additionally, the letter indicates that the premises of Blue World City are spanning over an area of 1,534.5 Kanal, out of which 1,134 Kanal is located in Mouza Sehar, and the remaining 400 Kanal of the region lies in the village Habtal.

The demand for this project has increased has immensely this year after it’s prelaunch. Now that the NOC is clear, it is predicted that the demand for the properties in this project will only increase from here on.


In the beginning, the Rawalpindi Development Authority extended Preliminary Planning Permission for 427 Kanal of land, which the society deemed insufficient. The venture engineer then proposed another application to request the planning and advertising permission or 5000 Kanal of land.

The application stayed in the processing for 5 months, after which in August 2018, the permission was granted. This newest permission was granted for phase 1 of the project covering only 5000 Kanal of total area.

The housing project offers equal residential and commercial opportunities for the people living in Pakistan and abroad. The investors are liable to put down 10% of the total amount as a downpayment for the booking and then pay off the remaining balance in an easy 3-year installment plan.

The project offers 5, 8, 10 Marla and 1 & 2 Kanal residential plots, commercial plots, a variety of farmhouses, and villas. The project is marketed as the most secure investment at the most affordable prices.

It offers luxury, comfort, and international standard facilities. With top-notch amenities, it can give housing schemes like Bahria Town, Park View City, and Capital Smart City a run for their money.  To compete with a grand project like Blue World City these societies will have to improve their game significantly. would ultimately have to start making those other places just as  to compete with such projects.


Not only will this brand new project better the living conditions for the low and middle class, but it will also be a significant improvement in the economic situation of our country. China has been our alley for a long time, and their investment in the newest projects such as CPEC and Grand Residential Scheme “Blue World City” will have a massive impact on strengthening our bond with China.It will also leave a positive effect on the rest of the world. It is safe to say that this initiative will open the doors to many international investments and advancements in Pakistan.

This Pak-China Housing project that is economic in nature will bring the people of both these countries together, provide lavish living options, and also generate a variety of jobs. Apart from the increase in trade through CPEC Route and investment in different sectors, projects like Blue World City will successfully create employment opportunities for people belonging from every field of life, age group, region, or country will play a considerable part in the economic stabilization of Pakistan.

The investment in Blue World City is not even safe but immensely profitable; the project is still in its pre-launching days, but it is widely popular among the investors and the developers alike. The housing project is an excellent long term investment; however, due to consistent revision in prices of the plots, it is also very feasible for short term investment plans.

The surroundings of the project and a secure community also makes this place a brilliant opportunity for the people who want to construct their own house and enjoy a peaceful life.


The Blue Group of Companies has signed an MOU with a Chinese company for the development and construction of the infrastructure in the housing project, thus making it the very first Pak-China housing society of its true nature in Pakistan due to its collaboration with the Chinese on the full extent.

It is the most budget-friendly housing project developed by Chinese investment, technology, and craftsmanship.  Considering the magnitude of this project, it will accommodate a significant influx of Chinese labors and workers from China.This is another reason this project is referred to as Pak-China Friendly City.

The project is situated near the CPEC route and is an ideal place to provide temporary and permanent accommodations to an international community.  This element is not only appealing but ensures a unique living experience for its residents.

The project is designed with the vision of becoming the newest and biggest commercial hub of Pakistan. Blue World City will be the first private housing society to have the most prominent Chinese wholesale market from where the products will be distributed to the markets all over Pakistan.

This housing scheme project will provide an open market for Pakistani and Chinese manufacturers with very convenient access to local and international buyers via CPEC route and Lahore Islamabad M-2 Motorway and is located at only 10 mins away from New International Islamabad Airport.

Here is good news for all investors and buyers of blue globe Islamabad that Finally RDA has issued the NOC to gloomy world city Islamabad and Blue World City Noc is finalized.