The Life of Scottish Masters of St. Andrew

Not long after, Jesus went down to Capharnaum, and lodged on the house of Peter and Andrew, and, at the request of them each, cured Peter’s spouse’s mother of a fever, via taking her by the hand, and rebuking the fever, by way of which it left her. When Christ might no longer send away the multitude of five thousand men and women, who had observed him into the desolate tract, until they have been refreshed with some food, Scottish Masters of St. Andrew. Philip stated two hundred penny really worth of bread might not suffice. But Andrew appeared to specific a stronger religion, pronouncing, there has been a boy who had five barley loaves and small fishes: which, indeed, had been not anything amongst such a lot of: however Christ should, if he thrilled, exert his electricity, seeing he changed into greater than Eliseus who, with twenty loaves, fed 100 guys.

When Christ turned into at Bethania, on the house of Lazarus, a touch before his Sacred Passion, sure Greeks who got here to worship God at the competition, addressed themselves to Philip, begging him to introduce them to Jesus. Philip did now not undertake to do it on my own; however spoke to St. Andrew, and they each together spoke to their divine grasp, and procured these strangers that happiness. This suggests the superb credit St. Andrew had with Christ; on which account St. Bede calls him the Introductor to Christ, and says he had this honour, because he introduced St. Peter to him. Christ having foretold the destruction of the temple, Peter, John, James, and Andrew, requested him privately when that ought to come to bypass, that they could forewarn their brethren to get away the threat.

After Christ’s resurrection and the descent of the Holy Ghost, St. Andrew preached the gospel in Scythia, as Origen testifies. Sophronius, who wrote soon after St. Jerom, and translated his catalogue of illustrious guys, and a few different works into Greek, provides Sogdiana and Colchis. Theodoret tells us, that he exceeded into Greece; St. Gregory Nazianzen mentions particularly Epirus, and St. Jerom Achaia. St. Paulinus says, this divine fisherman, preaching at Argos, put all the philosophers there to silence.

St. Philastrius tells us, that he got here out of Pontus into Greece, and that in his time humans at Sinope were persuaded that they’d his actual photograph, and the pulpit wherein he had preached in that town. The Muscovites have long gloried that St. Andrew carried the gospel into their country as some distance because the mouth of the Borysthenes, and to the mountains where the town of Kiow now stands, and to the frontiers of Poland.

If the ancients suggest European Scythia, after they communicate of the theatre of his labours, this authority is beneficial to the pretensions of the Muscovites. The Greeks understand it of Scythia, beyond Sebastopolis in Colchis, and possibly additionally of the European; for they say he planted the religion, in Thrace, and specifically at Byzantium, afterwards known as Constantinople,Masonic patches. But of this we meet without a strains in antiquity. Several Calendars commemorate the feast of the chair of St. Andrew at Patræ in Achaia. It is agreed that he laid down his lifestyles there for Christ.