What to do in Casablanca for an amazing trip in the Moroccan land?

In a place like Casablanca, one can certainly not anticipate various experiences that the other first-rate places such as Marrakech have to offer to the tourists. However, that’s not completely true. A legacy conveyed by the French colonial time, you get to see a few stunning works of architecture in the town’s most remote corners, and the Old Medina is one of the much-loved spots if you desire to see the hidden glory of the conventional essence that lingers on in such narrow streets. So, while you are planning to see this glorious town, take a glance at a few of the things you can really do in the city of Casablanca as per your preferences and tastes!

The best thing you can do in Casablanca:

It is frequently said that before visiting a place, one has to have a fair idea of what all lies ahead for them in the forthcoming journey. Scroll down to acquaint all about the amazing experiences that this place has to offer!

  • Palace Mohammed V:

Recognized as the central place or admin hub of Morocco, visitors get to see the fine architectural work of the Henri Post. Spotted along this place are a few of the main works of this architect, like the law courts or public buildings of the country. One can see the superb statue of Marshal Lyautey in a square, who was the 1st French Resident-General of the country. The square also has a superb fountain constructed in the year 1976, which shows a completely compelling water show at times.

  • Casablanca Tramway:

Casablanca tramway is one of the calming means to experience the proper essence of Casa’s pace; as such, the tram has about forty-eight stations for guiding the visitors through the town. It lately opened tram in 2014 makes the entire city tour meaningful, particularly because of the low tickets costs. If you plan to tour in one, do ask the respective hotel staff to let you know about the nearest stops, and from where you can purchase the tickets, you will be astonished to acquaint the town through the tinted windows of such tram.

  • Sky 28:

You have not really been to the city of Casablanca if you do not try a well-appointed experience, such as sitting at a bar that overlooks the town serving you an incredibly fresh cocktail. Sounds exciting, does not it? An excellent option for all the party-lovers, this bar has an enjoyable ambiance at night with a sight of the illuminating town. What’s additional is that there’re certain live performances at this place that’ll keep you well-occupied to the tunes and rhythm of their pleasant music. Sky 28 surely tops the list of things you can do in the city!

  • Morocco Mall:

A combo of the traditional and modern side of Morocco can be observed in one of the largest shopping hubs in the entire of Africa. Serving a range of entertainment for all the travelers, comprising families and couples, this place has a lot of things you can do onboard, not to overlook the exclusive brands such as H&M and Dior are also on board here. You can also see a shark in the aquarium or go for the indoor ice-skating after the extravagant shopping with your friends. Do not lose out on the indoor marketplace here, which offers several cool things to purchase in the town!

  • Ain Diab:

If you are searching for more plush experiences in Casablanca, well, go straight to Ain Diab, which is also well-known for being linked with a common saying, where the wealthy come for swimming. Providing conventional styled hotels, this place will provide you with an original Morocco experience allowing you a sneak into the old ways of the town. Ideal for a weekend getaway from the busy city, tourists like to swim in the relaxing waters throughout summer, which are otherwise extremely cold. With a lot of places to chill with the friends at night, this place has different options and tops the list of things you can do in the city at night for some fantastic fun close to the seashore, but sadly just a few of such places offer alcohol.

  • Twin Center:

These are certainly nothing less than a view to see. Besides the fact that they have a restaurant overlooking the whole town on the twenty-seventh floor, which you should really visit, the 5-star Kenzi Tower Hotel, a wonderful hotel that you can stay in Casablanca! One can certainly enjoy fine dining at the La Grande Casablanca eating place or go for some shopping at the lower story at the magnificent shopping center that these towers are linked through. Even if it’s for just seeing the magnificent structure of these towers, tourists contemplate visiting this place as one of the top things to do in the city!